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There has been a lot of talk lately about how to deal with throwing at batters. I think you should look at the NHL as to how to deal with it. Last nights wash rangers game showed it, 6 fights in 5 minutes then it was done. game on.

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This is a poor comparison on many levels.

- You dont want to start following the direction of an inferior league.
- NHL fights are two willing participants. Throwing at a batter is more of a sucker punch to a sitting duck. Its assault with a weapon.
- You said it was done after 6 fights. That's excessive, and sounds like an indication that the refs didnt have any control early on. The process clearly didnt work after the first fight, or the second, or the third, or the fourth or the fifth.

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Well first thing they got to address is changing how they suspend starting pitchers. They suspend them 4 games and it like they received no punishment because they play every 5th day. so they need to start suspending them by starts and not games

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Allowing fighting in Hockey is stupid on any level, and the notion that a fight is between 2 consenting athletes is NOT always the case, I have seen guys sucker punched before.

Why should fighting even be allowed? No sport is more barbaric or violent
( except Boxing or MMA and in those it IS the sport) than Football, these guys beat up on each other physically the entire game and no fights are tolerated= period, it's an automatic ejection and probable suspension

The fact that hockey lets it continue is one of the reasons it the least popular of the 4 major sports - you need a fight to fire up your team? that's stupid - this guy is checking my star center too much, I'll rough him up, even more dumb- I still remember Gretzy with his thug McSorley such a joke, Gretzky was so good but basically a wimp, needed his bodyguard to protect him from the bigger, slower, defenders who would check him

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An interesting point, because an argument can be made that it was only dealt with in that fashion because the NHL refused to do what was right and suspend Tom Wilson (even for a couple games!)

The players had to take matters into their own hands, and the result was more dangerous than if the NHL had issued a suspension.

Yes, it sucks that MLB constantly overreaches with suspensions, but I would rather have that happen than open season brawls every few games.

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Starting pitchers are never only suspended 4 games, for the reason mentioned. It's always at least 5 games. Intentionally throwing at a hitter for any reason is stupid. There can be zero defense to doing it.

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I agree SinCity. I still do not understand how in this day and age that hockey still permits fights. All other team sports view it as wrong, but for some reason it is praised in hockey. As society is correcting/re-educating us on numerous topics, I do not understand how that kind of violence is still permitted and promoted. Talk about mix-messaging for kids.

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Calling Wayne Gretzky or basically any hockey player a whimp is laughable...

This is quite funny...

Gretzky or even Mario Lemieux who was quite big, needed some support... you don't want them to drop the gloves or get physical...

Love to see people not even understanding how playing that game is not for everybody.... these guys are though as nails...

I am probably biais on this topic. I am a Canadian from Montreal , who played both hockey and baseball.. I do prefer baseball.

But hockey is on another planet, as far as how hard that game is...and that's not even considering the fights...

There is no crying in baseball... there is surely not in hockey!

Also find it pretty funny to see people claiming a sport being inferior to another... Like the world only gravitates around Baseball, Football and Basketball ... I wonder if baseball is more popular than Hockey in Sweden, Russia, Canada, Finland. Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic....

Hockey maybe the 4th sports in Importanc ein the US.. but they still generate a ton of revenue... pretty much a sports accessibility factor here, it'S quite an expensive sport to practice, along with non negligeable weather and geography factor...

One thing I know, is that when you are in the Arena, when both players gloves are dropped... the crowd is up on their feet and it is quite loud in there...

Anybody who have seen the Tom Wilson - Panarin incident understand that at that moment, the Rangers needed an enforcer or a though guy on the ice.. and it wasn't there...

Sometimes a big guy is there, ,and he doesn't even need to drop the gloves to give some breathing room to the other players...

Having an enforcer on the ice at that time would of prevent that on ice debacle...and what followed the game after...

Wilson is pretty much now a rare breed in the NHL, The enforcer as now vanish from the game...

At the end of the day sports are pretty much a show for us the spectators who buys ticket and listen to these on TV...

Are fights a necessity in hockey... maybe not... is it part of the show.. yes it is...

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It's hockey, fighting has been a part of hockey since the it rise in popularity in Canada mid 19 century . it's not sending mix message to kids, majority of kids don't even watch hockey or play youth hockey(in America). Your right certain part of society is trying correcting/re-educating, anything white, and now the talk is about changing how hockey played to much violence, to much fighting . Hockey is what mans sport? starts with a W

My bad sorry not 4 games , 5 games still only misses 1 game where any other player misses multi games, and ball players have always been somewhat accepting of being hit as long as it is below the waist

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"Having an enforcer on the ice at that time would of prevent that on ice debacle...and what followed the game after..."

I take issue with the argument that Wilson would not have gone after Buchnevich and Panarin had there been an enforcer on the ice for the Rangers.
There's a huge difference between playing physically (allowed within the game, part of hockey) and being Tom Wilson. Wilson has shown time and time again that he has no regard for the safety of his fellow players.

Fighting in its current state in the NHL is probably good. If someone delivers a clean hit and someone from the other team wants to retaliate and there ends up being a fight, that second player will probably get an instigator in addition to the coinciding fighting Majors.

There needs to be nuance here in opinion. Sometimes it's not as simple as pro-physicality and anti-physicality. Wanting Tom Wilson suspended for non-hockey plays (which would have avoided yesterday's brawls) does not mean wanting to get rid of all physicality and fighting.

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First off I am from North of Boston and played organized hockey from Squirts through High School, fighting was not allowed, its also not allowed in College, so frankly your argument that it's part of the game is a joke.

After the NHL mandated Helmets, fighting could and should have been banned, every time I see a hockey fight I hope one of the idiots breaks his hand on the guy he's trying to punches helmet.

The Bruins had their goons from Stan Jonathan, Lyndon Byers, Jay Miller, Shawn Thornton even Cam Neely and Terry O'Reilly but to say "its a part of the game is" silly

Change the Rules, if you fight someone your suspended for 10 games, do it again 50 games, it will go away almost immediately.

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Good old Big Bad Bruins hockey at it's best!

How can this not be entertaining! Educative, maybe not... but still plenty of fun to watch...

I don't watch hockey to educate myself anyway...

These games made you wan't to watch the next ones...

Rivalries were so intense...

Stan Jonathan was the best switch hitting enforcer ever in hockey!

These guys, would just go out afterwards and have a cold beer!