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I should know this by now but, if under bunt with fast runners, does that mean the speed you select as fast runners or any runner with speed of 6 or higher?

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Good question. I think it means the speed we have set as fast, otherwise not sure why it’s worded that way when it could just say all.

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I think I figured it out, when you edit your lineups you are allowed to select who can surprise bunt and who can't - you have to be a minimum of a 6 SP to even be allowed to Surprise Bunt.

So if you select " Often" for allowing surprise bunts your 6 speed hitters will bunt a lot as well, I don't think that a 6 speed should have a very good success rate bunting for a hit

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Yes, and then if you set each individual 6 speed not to bunt, they won’t.

Generally, I only like to bunt with 8 speed or above. I’m on the fence with 7 speed and usually will only bunt if they have no power.

8-10 speed will add 50 points of batting average though!

Also, I think it doesn’t work well to have too many fast guys bunting in a row