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Creating Pitchers

Creating Pitchers

When creating pitchers which stats do I edit to improve WHIP? I created a pool of pitchers and their H/9, BB/9, and K/9 are all where I want them. I have one who’s stat line is 8.2/3.8/9.1 but his whip is like 1.61. I’d like to get his WHIP down to around 1.25-1.35 range. How can I do this without lowering his H9,BB9, and K9?

Re: Creating Pitchers

WHIP = (walks + hits) / IP

It works in direct correlation to the H/9 and BB/9 metrics, using the same 3 stats, IP, H, BB.

To change those 3, you have 3 options: increase the IP, lower the hits or lower the walks.

Re: Creating Pitchers

BH has it right.

If you've got your main pitching stats where you want them, you'll adjust Innings Pitched (IP) up or down to lower or raise WHIP.

IP is the denominator in the WHIP equation.

Re: Re: Creating Pitchers

If you only adjust the IP, you will also affect the K/9 as well. But, as others said, however you adjust the BB9 or H9 will affect WHIP in concert. You can adjust BB or H and/or adjust IP (which would then affect K9).