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Importable All-Star Rosters?

Importable All-Star Rosters?

Partially answering a previous thread reminded me of a wish list item many custom commishes may find useful or just have fun using..

Currently, you can import a roster from any league (provided it's set to allow sharing with other leagues.) to any league or your Sandbox..

A Sandbox is the ideal place to play out a Customs 'All-Star Game', as you are able to have complete control over in-game substitutions, and can get 30+ guys into the game for both leagues..

But currently, upon naming All-Star team, you can view it historically (from other seasons), but it doesn't come as an importable roster in our Sandboxes.

Currently, we can't run ASG's "in-league" because it alters stat totals, and requires too much work moving players back and forth...

Is it possible to a have a league's All-Star Roster importable to Sandboxes? It would make running annual ASG's for Custom Leagues an easy peasy process.. just an idea..