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Wanna write about fantasy baseball??

Wanna write about fantasy baseball??

Sup guys n gals. Your old pal jkj here.

I just got accepted to write for a sports network called Last Word on Sports. There are offshoot pages for just about every sport you can imagine. I'm going to be writing about fantasy hockey for Last Word on Hockey, and the COO got wind of my interest in writing about fantasy baseball for Last Word on Baseball, so I reached out to them about recruiting some more writers.

If anyone is interested in applying, here's the link: https://lastwordonbaseball.com/writ..
You don't have to do fantasy even! Straight up baseball news, analysis, etc. is needed as well. Other sports, too! NBA, NFL, EPL, college sports, rugby, cricket, you name it. (The link is for baseball obviously - you can find each sport by just googling Last Word On [sport] pretty much)

Thanks to gbacci for making PC awesome and letting me do this little plug.