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Yahoo! Fantasy NBA

Yahoo! Fantasy NBA

Hello, I hope Guy won't mind my posting a quick invite to the members of the Pennant Chase community.

Tonight at 9 PM Pacific, we are running a draft in the Fantasy NBA season-long Late Night League. It is a casual, free league using the official NBA fantasy scoring system.

Would love if one or more of the fine competitors here would join us. Should be an interesting season given all the offseason player movement.

Here's the link https://basketball.fantasysports.ya..

Thanks :-)

Re: Yahoo! Fantasy NBA

I'm not really a basketball fan, but I'm pretty sure Guy won't mind for 2 reasons, it's not a direct competitor for users and it's basketball anyway, so you should be good... Don't quote me on that though 😂

Re: Re: Yahoo! Fantasy NBA

Yes, I don't consider fantasy leagues a direct competitor to this site, so it's fine to post that here.