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Retired Players and Rookies

Retired Players and Rookies

How does the game determine which players will be rookies? Do retirees automatically come back into the pool after a certain time? I am using a league with all players from 1900 until now. Next season, how will there be rookies if all players are available already?

We have a league of 12 people and are trying to determine rules for how many we should keep, signing, etc.


Re: Retired Players and Rookies

Mike, different leagues take different approaches, it’s totally up to you, but you will ultimately have to create or import a “rookie class”. Some leagues simply import more real historically players and set them to a young age so they can be considered “rookies”. (This is an option on the import top players at position feature.)

Other leagues choose to create fictional rookies, and there are some tools for that as well.

Retired players will eventually get deleted after 10 inactive seasons, I believe. And at that point, you could re-import them as rookies. Or, you can un-retire players and change their age, thus rebirthing them as rookies. (The issue there is they keep past compiled stats.) or you can delete them yourself and reimport then. Again, lots of options but it’s all in your control. Nothing happens “automatically” in custom leagues, it’s meant to be very flexible