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New to Sim looking for the right league

New to Sim looking for the right league

I have been playing fantasy since the days of mail in stat services. Before Al Gore invented the internet.
Looking to join a league that best suits a newbie. I am active and don't quit. Email me at jimgriddy2@gmail.com
Look forward to playing.

Re: New to Sim looking for the right le

I suggest you try a NON KEEPER auto League like a Best of the 1970's -seeing how you were around before the internet those players should be well known to you and that's not a slam,

Read the FAQ's about playing the game and expect your first season to be a losing one, but also a learning one.

Make sure you rank players in the supplemental Draft, and grab Free Agents after game 6 to fill out your roster, you will NEED those guys added to your team to be competitive.

Remember that for Batters, Rank does NOT include Defense and that a high + DWar number -especially in the infield and CF can GREATLY help your pitchers, and at times you can accept a weak hitting, slick fielding player because his defense makes up for his weak hitting -

I've only been here a year and there are lots more experienced guys, but trust me- you will improve if you work at it and learn how to build a team - you may not win all the time, but at least be competitive.

Besides that Enjoy.