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Just curious

Just curious

I have noticed that since the HBP statistic was removed from the Real Stats listing on a pitcher and replaced by Complete Games, my pitchers should all be named Eric PLUNK -
63 IP 10) HBP ??? anyone else seen this??

Re: Just curious

Sin its the HB stat now, stands for Hit Batters (or something like that). I used your ace Aaron Nola as reference, in his first start he hit one batter. And HB got a count added because of it

Edit: I think it was shortened to from three to two letters when Quality Starts (QS) were added

Re: Re: Just curious

Agreed, but that's the ACTUAL Stats from the SIM game play- The HBP on their REAL stats for the season is gone -

I have seen this happen before, I had a pitcher who hit 5 guys in like 200 innings hit 3 in 12 - there was a glitch then that Guy found - but without knowing how many batters they actually hit in real life you would have to go to baseball reference

Regardless 10 HBP in 61 Innings is crazy high - that league has had 41 HBP in 96 games- seems high to me - maybe it's just an oddity

Re: Just curious

Ahhh I see my oversight... Sin, your link above goes to the COMPILED stats. That's why I thought you meant those. I do see what you mean, though. Weird...

Edit: and after posting this I take a closer look at the initial post and, upon seeing that real stats were mentioned specifically, commence mentally kicking myself... Lol

Re: Just curious

Sin, Real Stats CG was always there for pitchers and HBP never was. HBP on PC is strictly based on the hitter.

Your team does have a lot of HB. Just looked at one of my teams and we have 18 in 900 IP. But your team did play against Nimmo who has a high rate of HBP and I’ve seen lead other leagues in that category.

Re: Re: Just curious

I just remembered, it was Wild Pitches that showed on the pitchers real stats, not HBP

My error --Quality Starts, not Complete Games were added- -

But it still seems like a LOT of HBP!!

Nimmo got HBP 22 times in 433 At bats in the season used, in Real life

He has been hit 5 times in 28 At bats - that extrapolates to being hit over 90 times in a season!!

He can't keep that pace up - and on a side note- I have never seen a player get hit by a pitch and injured - it's like one of the most common devastating Baseball injuries, think Freddie Freeman a year or two ago - I would like to see guys get hit and get lifted immediately once in a while, and not just always short term injuries either, it happens all the time and should be included.

In fact I would like to see more injuries but a max of 3 guys out on 1 team at a time - use the FA Pool, even things up a bit, make it less cookie cutter, I know most people like the Ron Popeil " set it and forget it" approach but that's just another setting that commissioners could toggle - more reality - some of these Custom leagues have 10 guys on the bench that do nothing but pick splinters out of their butts