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Favorite Team League glitch

Favorite Team League glitch

I notice in one of the leagues, Auto 358, studs like Luke Voit and Ken Caminiti and one other some players from detroit tigers 1990 roster were available in the supp draft....

Funny enough... Without any Astros, New York Yankees or Detroit Tigers franchise team anywhere in that league...


Re: Favorite Team League glitch

Im in that league and also wondered how the neck there was such a solid crop. You almost NEVER see a 90 Rk guy in the Supp. Draft. And yeah, at quick glance no NYY teams.

I was going for Brendan Ryan or Marquis Grissom, wanted a high dWAR SS or OF.

Its pretty sweet when you're the guy trying out a weaker franchise though. Lol

Re: Re: Favorite Team League glitch

Don't sleep on Meluskey or Hassey either. Very deep Supp. Draft for sure. Got Kaline in the 2nd.

Re: Favorite Team League glitch

picked up a 21fire rated player lefty hitter in sam horn...
can't wait to slump bust him...

jusr very concern about players not belonging to any franchises appearing in the draft....

Re: Favorite Team League glitch

That has always been possible if someone drafts a team and then quits. It’s rarely an issue because the players remaining usually are not of value. I’ll look into it when I dive into the various Fav Teams issues. Thanks guys.