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Changing division after season

Changing division after season

I was wondering if it would be possible (gbacci), and what everyone thought of the possibility of being able to move a team to a slot where a team has been abandoned, and it moves to your former spot in your former division?
Just thought it might mix things up & keep it interesting in keeper leagues that consistently have a core of the same players.
Your thoughts?

Re: Changing division after season

This would make a lot of sense in auto leagues... I have no idea why they don't random the pool of teams into divisions each off season

Re: Re: Changing division after season

Random would be cool too!
Just seems like being able to mix it up could add variety to it.
Plus, in a couple of leagues, I'm stuck in the same division as a friend of mine, and we'd like to increase the chances of meeting in the World Series!
Not being in the same division beating the crap out of each other is a good start in that direction.. lol!