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New auction format

New auction format

Looking for some feedback as to how you think this would work...

Trying to figure out an auction format for the league I commish. Most leagues (it seems to me) basically put every free agent available to bid on. Bids are basically blind, though revealed regularly (e.g. daily). That seems to be the most common format, with a few variations on some specific parameters, but basically the same theme.

My (brilliant? silly? harebrained?) idea is to do a limited, chat box based auction. The top 3 SPs, RPs, and batters (by rank) would be available to bid on, one grouping per day. (So, only 3 players at a time being auctioned.) Total overall bid listed in the chat box before midnight gets the respective player. Perhaps a fourth day for other position players whose position was not among the top 3 (e.g. highest-ranked 2B, SS, or C, etc.).

This (in theory) adds a little more fun by allowing real-time bidding wars. It (in theory) helps to avoid getting stuck with as much leftover money after being blindly out-bid at the last minute.

This could be in addition to a free agent draft, and the regular, all-hands-on-deck auction. (Maybe in that order?)