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Problems in league atg 490

Problems in league atg 490

The league goes to supplemental draft next game. I saved top sp and top hitters. I looked at my list and all the top players are gone and highest so is a 70 now along with 70 being the top hitters. I can already see I'm going to get screwed in this s. Draft.

Re: Problems in league atg 490

There are lots of hitters to rank above 70... are you sure you didn't have a filter on or something? Yes, the best SP left is 70. But you have the #2 pick so definitely want to grab one of those elite hitters I would think...

Re: Problems in league atg 490

Incorrect. Take a look at the supplemental draft results. SP I had put on my list disappeared. I would have taken a Dutch Leonard type my first pick if the picks didn't disappear. Now no SP picked up and none left are worth a plugged nickel and your waiver claim deal blows in my opinion. Since it's been instituted just about everyone of my teams stink.

Re: Problems in league atg 490

You didn’t get screwed, you had the #2 pick and Leonard was the #1 pick. You ended up with Babe Herman in the first round.

The players disappeared because the first round is run the game before the second and third rounds now. It’s the same process, it’s just that one round is run earlier.

Re: Re: Problems in league atg 490

SP Dutch Leanord -- Rank 86 -- went #1.
SP Ed Walsh -- Rank 88 -- went #5.
SP Greg Maddux -- Rank 85 -- went #6.
SP Roger Nelson -- Rank 79 -- went #10.

None of that would have been different had the old Supplemental System been in place.

You picked #2 and went with a top hitting OF, even though you already had four strong hitting OFs. Let's let Michael Jackson get to the root of the situation (as he always did), "I'm looking at the Man in the Mirror, heeee!" That doesn't quite work since I'm not actually responsible for setting your Supplemental list.

With the roster you had, picking an OF instead of an SP can crash your season because ATG leagues are brutal and unforgiving. Tough to win an ATG even when making no mistakes. But, again, nothing to do with how the Supplemental was run, everything to do with how you Ranked your list.