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Primary/Secondary position toggle

Primary/Secondary position toggle

Hey gbacci!

Would it be possible to add a position toggle in the Free Agents list to make it easier to find a player with a 2ndary position.

Examples, Mel Ott, or Jimmie Foxx. To be able to switch in the Free Agent list to see secondary positions. It would make Ott appear as a 2nd baseman and Foxx as a 3rd baseman.

Whatta ya think? Possible? Good idea, bad idea, too much a pain in the arse? lol!

Re: Primary/Secondary position toggle

I think it should still show primary position, but make an option for sorting by secondary position... Just to get more of a feel for who plays what (but that's just me...)

Re: Re: Primary/Secondary position togg

When you view free Agents it shows their primary and secondary positions in the 1st column on the left called POS

Re: Primary/Secondary position togg

Yes, but it would make it easier if you could click the position part, and it change to their 2ndary position...

Re: Re: Primary/Secondary position togg

That's the ticket, Skooler1!