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Changing Player Stats

Changing Player Stats

Like to know Pros and Cons of Changing Player Stats to a different year. Does CPU always choose best year?

Re: Changing Player Stats

Look at your roster and decide what strengths are needed. It really is that simple.

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Thanks - I'm probably over thinking it.

Re: Changing Player Stats

In most cases the best year is already selected. But you may find a year with better defense, more speed, more power, or higher OBP, ... For pitchers, occasionally there's a year with better WHIP, lower hits, or higher strike outs. I change pitchers far less than hitters though.

Re: Changing Player Stats

Sometimes you find a higher rank season, although not often (this has been mentioned)

Sometimes there is a lower rank season that is more valuable to your specific team. Some examples:

1) a player has a good season at a different position that you need, like Albert Pujols has really great offensive seasons at OF and 1B.

2) improved defensive seasons. In a 1980s league I once drafted a 40-something rank Barry Bonds and switched him to his 1989 season that was below 20 rank but has over 3.5 dwar and I played him in CF where he robbed close to 100 hits.

3) a season with higher slugging (especially HR), but lower AVG. If you have a power team in a small park, the extra HR may be more valuable than a higher AVG

4) speed. If you want speed, that's not part of rank.

I ALWAYS check into switching seasons as 1-2 steals in a draft can catapult your team