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Roster Size and Min Batters Faced

Roster Size and Min Batters Faced

To prepare for the new MLB changes, PennantChase has been updated:

1) Auto League roster size is now 26. After your next round of games, you should see the size increase. I don't foresee any reason this would become an issue, but obviously let me know if you see anything amiss.

2) The Minimum Batters Faced feature is now available. By default it is turned off, but Custom Leagues can start to use it. I have not yet decided if Auto Leagues will use it - it's possible once the baseball season begins Auto Leagues will switch to the three-batter minimum.

As with any new features, reach out if you see anything out of sorts!

Re: Roster Size and Min Batters Faced

I just noticed this. Would it have been better to start it after the season we are in now is over?

Re: Re: Roster Size and Min Batters Fac

Same thing happens when new players are introduced after a season, there's really no way to do it after a season because the seasons all start at different times.