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MLB Experiment REBOOT, ONE Owner Needed

MLB Experiment REBOOT, ONE Owner Needed

The MLB Experiment is undergoing a facelift and updating to feature rosters as of Opening Day 2019.
Rolling out a few new rules, along with some familiar ones, and offering up some flexibility as far initial players are concerned.

Franchises will be selected via Team Draft by a draft order created by a random number generator.

We have 1 opening right now.

There will be multiple prospects for each club for the first season, and most likely the second as well. Draft classes will be entirely fictional.

If you're interested in joining, drop me a line and I'll shoot you an invite. We're looking for PC'ers with at least a few 1,000 Custom SIMs under their belt, and a good standing rep on the site.

Its still under construction, rosters aren't finalized by any means, and some editing will be done so that younger players especially will have SOME usefulness over their careers (like changing a .160 hitter to a .200 hitter, or a 2.10 WHIP SP to a 1.70 WHIP SP...nothing crazy), announcements will be made when rosters are in order.

(Rules section will be changed/updated, but won't wildly divert from current rules format.)



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Bump ba bump, bump, bump !