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Sim engine and Win shares

Sim engine and Win shares

So I have a question about how much, if any, do win shares play a part in the sim engine? When I’m drafting players I’m looking at FG%, REB, STL, BLK, and TOV mostly. Obviously 3 pt% and difference between OFF and DEF rebounds play a part as well but I rarely consider win shares. Now having said that I’ve not been that successful in any of the basketball sim games so I’m clearly missing something.

So do win shares play a bigger part or is there something else?

Thanks Guy! Either way I absolutely love PC!!

Re: Sim engine and Win shares

1/10 gbacci Hoops Forum 1 0
DWS is obviously fairly important because that correlates to defensive stops. OWS is used in some circumstances but I’d consider it minor.

For me personally, and I’m certainly not the best here but I do pretty well at the bball game, I want as many rebounds as I can get, high percentage shooters who also get to the line, but I also want my roll players to have a purpose like be exceptional at blocks or steals.

Like I said others have figured out the magic formula far better than I have but that’s been my approach.