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I've had enough of the RedSox

I've had enough of the RedSox

I just gotta get it off my chest. I'm *%$@#& sick of BOSTON.
Disclaimer: I've also lost 5 WS with them now in Fave Team Autos, so I'm still chasing a ring with them to cross them off the list.

But they're strong asf. And they're seemingly EVERYWHERE.

First, they disposed of my 01-10-11-13 Rangers in quick fashion in Auto League 358. Two Boston's and a Houston team were the other 3 playoff teams. Knew I was screwed from the jump. I'd provide a link, but Redrafting kicked in at 6:00 am EST this morning.

But it doesnt stop there. They're EVERYWHERE.

I was pleasantly surprised and felt some validation with my 82-87-13-18 Brewers. They finished #1 in Power Ranking (nuts for any BREWERS team. Especially nowadays.) I was feeling good, but NOPE, there's a WC Boston team, with a low win total quite honestly, promptly sweeping my Brew Crew in the LCS:

Now I'm embroiled in a heated exchange with them here (01-10-14-18 Rockies), tied 2-2 in the WS, after having almost blown a 3-1 lead to another redundantly used team these days, Cleveland..I'm just praying I can cross the Rox off my list. If I can do it without trading for a better SP. That's something. But I just know Boston (my wife's team by the way) will cause me pain and shame all the same.

Now I realize that I'm preaching to the choir. And to be the best, you must beat the best. But Jesus, c'mon with the same 3 teams already. The Yankees, Giants, and Cubs are actually all underused nowadays.

Then my suspicions were confirmed. I have a Red Sox team here, in an 1871-2018 FT-Auto, that doesn't have a year used any farther back than 1986 (86-02-16-18). Tell me how we were still the #12 team in Supplemental Draft, aka #1 Preseason Power Ranking.. And we are still #1 at 21-8 right now. (I'm aware how long a baseball season is, so I'm aware alot can change.) But all signs point to being able to kick butt anywhere with Boston after 2018 has been added.

I'm reeeeallly growing to hate Boston.

Re: I've had enough of the RedSox

To be fair, they weren't really a successful franchise team until October.

Re: Re: I've had enough of the RedSox

Oh its definitely a new season of stats "thing". At this point, I'm more griping about lack of variety when choosing teams moreso than screaming "break up Boston" immediately.

Fave Tm Auto's are like 60% Houston, Boston, Cleveland nowadays. At least. Its a bit nauseating.

Re: I've had enough of the RedSox

I can understand why the Yankees are 3 team Faves but could never understand adding the Giants or Cubs. All the fav leagues lately have been dominated by the Dodgers, Astros, and Cards.

Bring Giants Cubs back to 4 tms.

Re: Re: I've had enough of the RedSox

Cubs are 4 teams in 65-Present Leagues. The Astros not so dominate in 1871-Present. Giants should be 4 teams in 65-Present leagues IMO.

- The Sheik

Re: I've had enough of the RedSox

Giants definitely need to be 4 years in '65 leagues again.

And if you've really studied CHC and SFG years, in 1871- leagues, they can be made pretty dominant with 3 years. You can overkill it with 4.

Re: Re: I've had enough of the RedSox

Well, my Rox at least somehow pulled it off. Without trading for any SP for that matter.

18 franchises down. 12 to go.


Re: I've had enough of the RedSox

Franchise tag players, franchise tag players,franchise tag players......

Once again...the freakin' RedSox

Here we go again...

I've taken another franchise, Pittsburgh, and mish-mashed some things together that have worked over time, set park effects to play to team strengths, and mask some of the weaknesses...

And we aren't off to a bad start, 12-9...

The fun part is the two Red Sox teams ahead of me...tied at 14-7.

They....are....EVERYWHERE. Lol

Re: Once again...the freakin' RedSox

Feel the exact same way about the #@%$ing Astros