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Deadball Era

Deadball Era

My SP's keep getting switched by the system after I save them. Anyone know why?

Re: Deadball Era

All your relievers have huge (SP type) stamina and they are sometimes starting games. I guess in Deadball since there really arent RPs, some of these SPs are labeled as RPs anyway. For some reason, RP Morris started game 6 instead of your rested top SP McGinnity, and then McGinnity came in relief. I dont know specifically the rules of Deadball Era leagues, but it's somehow related to the RPs really being SPs also.

The only time I've ever seen SPs order switched around by the system is when I've accidentally had the same guy in two spots, or when I've moved one down to minors briefly and when I brought them back forgot to lock them into a spot.

Re: Re: Deadball Era

Thats the weird part, I've saved the lineup 3 times now and keeps getting switched. I'm going to go check it again now that it's been several hours