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Join the 2017 BB League

Join the 2017 BB League

10 Things to Know about the 2017 BB League, Presented by Clickbait Inc.
1. Pre-draft team selection has no impact on success. all rosters are filled with the draft and FA, a 9-round slow draft and a 26-round "fast" clock draft.

2. 30 Teams

3. MLB-Style Playoffs

4. 2017 MLB Schedule Used

5. $150 Budget. Can trade $50 of it either way.

6. Draft picks tradeable.

7. Many different awards

8. 2017 Pitchers filled out with fictionals, but NONE over 90 Rank to avoid nobody knowing the CY.

9. Worst team will receive $5 bonus in offseason. One select non-worst team will receive a $3 Bonus every offseason before FA Bid (Random Number Generator).

10. Higher tanking tolerance than most (NO OUT OF POSITION).

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