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Free Agents

Free Agents

What is the rule and etiquette on Free Agents? I have read the rules and know you can't pick them up until after the supplemental draft. But, when you are able to sign Free Agents, is there a limit on how may and/ or when?

I appreciate the help.

Re: Free Agents

In Quick Draft Auto Leagues, you can fill your 28-man roster with any FAs immediately after Game 3 sims.

The Supplemental Draft sims the same time as Game 3, so you could also look at it as you can fill your 28-man after the Supplemental Draft.

However you want to say it: As soon as Game 3 sims, you will be able to add as many FAs as your 28-man roster allows.

Go to your "Roster" link on your team page, all the way to the bottom of the Roster page for a summary of your Roster's count in majors and minors.

Then, immediately after Game 6 sims, you will be able to drop players on your roster and fill their spots with any available FA.

Both FA periods can significantly raise your chances of winning the trophy.

Re: Free Agents

Daily Draft Auto Leagues are different, in that there is no Supplemental Draft.

I believe you can sign FAs as soon as Game 1 sims in a Daily Draft, but it's been too long since I've done one, so I don't remember the FA procedure in the Daily Draft Auto Leagues. That said, Free Agency is not nearly as critical (for success) to master in Daily Drafts as it is in Quick Drafts.