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Plus Minus

Plus Minus

6/2 mcvn4 Hoops Forum 4 0
Would it be possible to see a Plus/Minus stat for on the court time? i feel like this can be very helpful in determining total impact of a player? i know there are many factors, but this could be a very helpful one of the factors to determine player productivity

Re: Plus Minus

it is a cool stat but usually it tends to be more applicable for real time evaluation and adjustments during a game. Are you going to bench your best player when he is a -1 but it is not his fault because the rest of your team is terrible? That is part of the complication of that stat... it is a cool one but more complicated than people think to apply.

Re: Re: Plus Minus

6/2 mcvn4 Hoops Forum 1 0
It helps figure out rotations. And if ur best player is -1 then Imagine worse players will be even less than that, so he’s still be ur best player.

Re: Plus Minus

I always thought plus/minus was less of an in-game or game to game stat, and more indicative at scale.

Re: Plus Minus

On court/off court +/- won’t have your best player -1 because your team stinks

Let’s say your team is -1 with him on the court, but when he leaves they are -10, then his on court/off court would be +9

If he’s -1, that means a bad team is WORSE with him on the floor. On court/off court is more murky for bench players

like if John Paxson always replaces BJ Armstrong when MJ is on the court, but BJ is in sometimes when Pete Myers replaces MJ, then It is possible +/- looks like this

Paxson +8
BJ +3
Myers -8

And in truth they are all equal and MJ is creating the illusion

But for top players, I think on/off +/- is really good

Re: Plus Minus

i think a +- stat would be great too...