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Flat Progression

Flat Progression

Anyone have any experience with flat progression? In one of my leagues, I'd like to be able to advance the age of every player by 1 year each season without changing their stats at all. After looking at all the possibilities, this doesn't look possible except if I manually edit every single player.

(the reason I want to change the ages is because there's a 13 season limit on how long players can stay in the league, with some exceptions)

Anyway, if it isn't possible to age players without doing a progression of some kind, I'm wondering about doing a flat progression, which will hopefully not adjust players' stats very much at all. That's what it says "flat" is supposed to do, but I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with it.


Re: Flat Progression

i've noticed most batters don't change at all, but pitchers generally do improve because it can remove 1 IP from someone with low IP and that can change some things.

Something you could try is changing the ages that progressions happen so that everyone is plateaued. Instead of the usual 28/32 most leagues use where under 28 improve and over 32 decline, change it to 14/40 so that only players under 14 would get better (and none would be in your league) and only players 40 would regress.

Re: Re: Flat Progression

That's a great suggestion, Borg. I'll definitely do that when I progress players next season. Thanks!