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Trying to understand pitchers stamina.

Trying to understand pitchers stamina.

For my sandbox league i created enough starting pitchers for each team to draft 5 apiece. I used random stats across the board . With stamina I submitted 85-110. But most sims are having starters barely making 5 innings with pitchcounts hitting 90s. Is this because stat range for walks allowed was too high when creating starters, and is causing high pitchcounts due to many balls being thrown?

Re: Trying to understand pitchers stami

If they are bad, lots of hits or walks, they don’t last much past 5-6 with a 90-100 stamina. Even a good pitcher with 90 stamina might throw 15 pitches per inning, and that only gets them 6. So, it’s pretty normal. For a pitcher to go 8 or 9 they need high stamina or few base runners.