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Help Wanted- Intelligent Manager

Help Wanted- Intelligent Manager

So I watch a SIM game and go into the bottom of the 9th down 1 run, we can do this, at least get to extra innings.

Lead off batter, Doubles down the line, great start,-- 2nd batter Lines out to 1st base, sure could have used a ground ball there but it is what it is.

Next Batter is Jim Rice who just happens to be On Fire this game and is 2-2 with a walk coming into this at bat, I figure, OK, he's On Fire, let's tie this up with a base Hit, He BUNTS!!! too hard and the lead runner is thrown out at third. Next guy whiffs game over.

Really, he Bunt's in that situation?? I know, don't allow him to sacrifice at all and that can't happen, but only a complete moron would have Jim Rice, a 320 Hitter, SACRIFICING in that situation, that's just bad.

Now I need a new I-Pad, somehow mine got smashed....

Re: Help Wanted- Intelligent Manager

Where? That is dreadful, sounds like we got hacked by joe maddon

Re: Re: Help Wanted- Intelligent Manage

Yeah it's what you said, dont set him to bunt ever. The sim is just using the percentage you set, cant take into account what's going on in every game.

Re: Help Wanted- Intelligent Manager

I wish there was a "Only bunt with no outs" tab. The only time I would even consider sacrificing with one out would be with the pitcher AB. No outs, slow RHB up (Rice), maybe you bunt to stay out of DP - not with one out.

- The Sheik

Re: Help Wanted- Intelligent Manager

You can turn off bunting for hitters...

Re: Re: Help Wanted- Intelligent Manage

That was already suggested, by myself, it's not that I didn't know HOW to avoid that happening, it's my disbelief that the system could be so painfully unaware of the situation that it would even bunt in that situation.

No one, or at least a very small percentage wants to always shut off bunting, it can play an important part in games.

However the SIM needs a bit more common sense as to when it is an appropriate time to use the bunt was all I was expressing.

Re: Help Wanted- Intelligent Manage

I have to be honest, usually the only player I allow to sac bunt is a weak hitting 8th or 9th hitter.
Other than that no one is allowed to bunt . I'm the same way about stealing 3rd base, why mess with it , turn it off .