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Pro Tip for Commissioners

Pro Tip for Commissioners

Word to the wise- do yourself a favor and clear contracts when an owner leaves. Maybe it's just me, but I have encountered many leagues with an owner vacancy, and when looking at the prospective team they are loaded down with ridiculous long-term contracts. Totally fine with taking over a team with even a sub- .300 winning percentage, but not when there is no opportunity for improvement due to the prior owner's salary mismanagement consigning the team to perpetual irrelevance.

Re: Pro Tip for Commissioners

You do what our league did without clearing a whole roster of contracts.

You can create new rules that help new owners. We have system whether if player plays less than 25 games per a season or less than 10 appearances for a pitcher in 2 years. Owners can completely void the contract. It helps new owners get rid of awful Contracts made by themselves or previous owners.

I bet a couple more owners have better systems than ours but it works.