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Hats off to Gbacci, Yankeebb

Hats off to Gbacci, Yankeebb

Officially nominating Gbacci for sainthood. Yankeebb next in line.

The amount of work and volunteering simply for the love of it is truly admirable.

I have to hand it to you guys, especially when answering some question here on the boards.

Seriously, patience is a virtue.

So when you make a big announcement, complete with it's own thread, links to tutorials, etc, then get asked about it repeatedly ad nauseum like you you gave no notice at all, not ripping your hair out as a response is truly saintly.

"So...what's the D for?"

Some folks inability to click on anything or read a damn paragraph to educate themselves is mind-boggling. Symptomatic of the times I guess.

Kudos to you guys for having the patience for those with 3 second attention spans, because I don't... I have to use every drop on my children. Lol

Re: Hats off to Gbacci, Yankeebb

Here Here.
I will make another donation to the cause this week in tribute to you for writing this post. I don't know the numbers, but I DO hope there's a good number of owners that make contributions.

Re: Re: Hats off to Gbacci, Yankeebb

In his defense (no pun intended) I had been meaning to add "D" to the table footnote of compiled stats. I have not done that yet. But many, many people don't really check the boards or read the latest posts, news, chat, etc. Of course I wish everyone did, but that's not going to be the reality.

I can't say how much I appreciate the people like Yankeebb and many others who chime in on the boards to help people out... without those people this site would be far less awesome than it is. And many times people who play the game more than I do actually have more accurate answers to some of the questions than I do.

Re: Hats off to Gbacci, Yankeebb

Happy to help when I can.