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Very Questionable Intentional BB

Very Questionable Intentional BB

I had to shake my head at this one - Why in the world would you possibly intentionally Walk Hornsby in the bottom of the 9th??

You lead by 2 - leadoff 3B and if that run scores, you're still up 1, instead you put the go ahead run at the plate with no outs??? even if you turn 2, the run scores and you still have to get someone else out,

As soon as I saw the Intentional BB I thought- Oh, I lose.

Am I wrong in that this was just bad Strategy? I mean its an All Time Greats League so there really are not many easy outs at the plate, in fact, you walk Hornsby to bring Manny Ramirez to the plate with the chance to beat you with 1 swing? or if he gets a hit, now the tying run is at 2B or worse with no outs and the go ahead run is on 1st or better

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Tony LaRussa managing that team?

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Asked after the game, PC explained ‘Just trying to stay out of a big blow. And also just to stir the group up, quite frankly.’ Then it got a Mohawk but got shut down before anyone saw.

Hornsby is ranked 99 and Ramirez 87, so code thinks it’s being smart going after the lesser hitter. I’ve had this happen a bunch of times too, so frustrating to put that tying run on, and winning run to plate with no outs, like you said. I’ve gone through periods where I just turn off IBB on all my teams. Then I see a top hitter not walked when I needed it, and I go right back to taking my chances.

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yankee's dislike of Maddon is a deep reservoir that always churns good content.