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New user?

New user?

Hello Guy,

Fred Armstrong (filler) ....terrible roster
(12th (last) team to enter league)

Is this a site generated user that you are using to fill Leagues now? Doesn’t seem like they are interested in accruing good players, so hopefully they won’t be trading (difference makers)

I never saw anything about this/these, please verify/clarify. Thank you

League 133

Re: New user?

Have to agree. If Filler is going to be like Dynasty used to be, it's not worth it. Especially if any teams play Filler more than others do.

Re: New user?

Oh nooooo that looks bad

Re: New user?

I don’t actually have a problem with it, as long as it doesn’t draft the players I want 😉
Or trade them to my competition

Just wanted to know if that was in fact the (filler) teams strategy, anyways, if you look at the team’s roster, it has to be manipulated by Guy to be that bad. So hopefully it won’t be drafting all the best players since it has the 1st overall pick.

If someone gets lucky by having that team in their division, so be it. Maybe it’ll change next season.

Re: Re: New user?

I just checked, they’re not in my division.

Guuuuuy, we have a problem.

Lol, just joking

Re: New user?

In Quick Draft, "filler" will have bad teams, but all Auto Leagues have a balanced schedule now.

In Daily Draft, filler can draft pretty well based off Rank. But since he doesn't make any moves during the season it's typically not going to be a competitive team. Maybe long term will make it a bit more competitive. But ideally we just get more users to the site and don't have to use it. To be clear, it's being used ad hoc right now, not regularly.

Re: Re: New user?

Perfect , thank for the answer.

...if a filler has to be used, I like how it is now.(for quick draft leagues)