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To the Young PC Members...

To the Young PC Members...

(This post was approved by Guy beforehand)

You know, I’m reading what’s going down on the boards, and I just want to offer advice from someone who has been there before: me.

April 20th, 2014. I say that as if this is a date someone should remember like the coming of Jesus Christ. Hell, for some reason, I remember this date, but I can’t remember how math works after being great at it for years. Anyway, that was the day that I got caught cheating on the site. I don’t remember the whole details; I do remember that a part of it was that I edited a player’s stats, even though all I remember was doubling stats, not realizing…that was an option in the commissioner tools.

I remember it was hell being on this site for the next few months. Any league I joined, that past followed me. I remember I made a trade in one league, and me and the guy I made the trade with was accused of being duplicate accounts. Eventually, I went off the grid for a little bit.

Around the fall of 2014, I came up with a league idea that, at the time, was unheard of on this site: a league that emulates real life as close as possible, something that brings together PennantChase and the trials and tribulations of actually running a major league franchise. In October, in a calm matter, I asked Guy for a league. That was the only thing I needed at that point: a league to make my idea come to life.

That same league has now been running for six years and we are about to enter our 24th season. Most people know it under a name that I regret now: SARMLB.

That all happened when I was 14 and two months away from graduating middle school. I am now 20 and in my junior year of college. The perpetrators in question are 14 and 15. This is a common occurrence on this site with people under the age of 18. Sure, immaturity is a part of it, but this is also a hard site and simulation to learn. Hell, I’m still learning stuff every single day. Now imagine trying to running a league with all of those stats and numbers.

The point I’m trying to make is this: this site is a large majority of men and women over 40. Young people are a rarity. Therefore, you’re going to make mistakes on this site. You’re going to do something vehemently stupid (cheating, taking a Barry Bonds for Brendan Ryan trade, etc.) Even the best have struggled or ruined their own reps. But they have gotten up from it by listening to the experienced veterans, by learning from example, by becoming vice commissioners under some of the legendary commissioners. See my story. See a long time veteran on this site (even though he annoys the **** out of me sometimes) htennis. They all came from the same place. There is still time if you act with respect to others on this site. That second chance on this site should (and will) come with patience and respect.)

Re: To the Young PC Members...

What will not help you rebound from this is the constant lying and bickering on the public boards. Neither will putting the blame on others. Neither will doubling down on those things. Neither will trying to run another league after you just got caught doing wrong the first time. Neither will showing complete disrespect to the same man who has kept this site alive for 12 (?) years. That will do nothing but hurt your reputation on this site to a point where trust is not regainable. And as many examples I gave of "redemption stories", I can give a similar amount of people that followed this blueprint and were never trusted/heard from on PennantChase again.

So, I laid it all out for you. This is the advice I have. You don't have to take it, I just ask that you consider it.