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hey all!

could you take a look at my team I've put together in one of my leagues and let me know what you think? thanks! could use some veteran PC comments and advice :)

Re: Advice?

At quick glance, the team defense is terrible, worst D in the league at -90. That’s 90 outs turned into hits! That hurts the pitchers and since your offense is near bottom in runs, the hitters aren’t making up for it. Defense matters.

Brett Martin shouldn’t be on a roster let alone in your bullpen.

Re: Advice?

Quite the pickle with no hitters in free agency. As bad as Alonso is at first, he needs to be there with Davis at DH. Davis should never play the field. I'd move McNeil to CF as well.

Lastly, I think your secondary position play of Villar at SS is actually paying off. I'd make that permanent for both lineups and send Rosario to the bench. Good luck.

Re: Advice?


Have you done your homework on the better teams in your leagues to see how they are doing it? Not just in your leagues but also in their other similar type leagues?

There is so much good information out there if you just take the time to review it.

That's the best advice I can give you.

Re: Advice?

your pitching and def is not good you should use less rp when you have to many the good pitchers dont get hot look for pitchers with low hits per inn and big ko.s look for hitters with a lot off pop in the bat power overcomes a bad avg

Re: Re: Advice?

if you cant get power and def always go def you can win with great def

Re: Advice?

Pitching, pitching, pitching, when most are drafting hitters in the 3 round supplemental draft for auto league, select pitching and base it off of WHIP. config your ballpark as big disadvantage meaning pitching friendly.

Then the secret sauce that brings it all together is DWAR, which makes your pitching even better. DWAR at SS, 2nd, CF and catching is a must.

Most importantly of all is just have fun.