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I just figured out

I just figured out

Why owners SEEM to have so many teams, they have teams that have been drafted and are awaiting the particular League to actually fill -

On that note, has there ever been a thought to not allowing a League to draft until it fills? Join a League, and that's it, you are in and as soon as it fills, an e-mail goes out that the League is full and drafting will start in say one day.

A random draft order is done by the Site, and the draft is done in Quick Format and if an owner does not draft his team within a day after his or her turn is up, the SIM automatically drafts them a team based on Rank of players available, which will insure the League is up and running within a week at worst, and I assume much shorter times.

I am sure people will say, "But if guys don't like their teams, they will quit" Yes, that is true, but I see plenty of rudderless teams as it is now in Auto leagues and doubt it will change much.

Others will complain that they don't want their team to be auto-drafted by Rank if they don't draft within their day, that's an easy fix- SHOW UP AND DRAFT.

It's really frustrating waiting and waiting for leagues to fill, there are too many owners who won't stay in a League if they don't feel that they have a 75% chance to at least make the playoffs- they join then draft, and then quit and the Leagues never fill, also frustrating is people who don't quit a league when it ends, but also don't draft a team when it re-constitutes, they just wait until they get removed when the last owner actually joins and then their team gets booted the next day for not having drafted.

What's the point of being able to have say 20 teams if only 3 or 4 are actually playing?