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Just a question

Just a question

9/15 jarc Random Chatter 0 0
Hi. Just an observation
I have played on this page for about ten years or more. Maybe I'm one of the first to become a member.
I was always inside top 100 at % of win and losers, believe me I just know how it works, am not a novice. Buuuuut since almost a year ago simply my top ranked in every team just don't bat or pitch as they supposed to do ( most of the cases) and I have a negative record since that.
I don't understand too much about donate to the page boss, because I'm from Mexico and here, is not the same as USA.
The question is: if you donate the 90+ players bat more? Or pitch better???? Sorry mi english dudes. Cheers.

Re: Just a question

Hi sir,
I took a quick look at your teams lineups. I would say, improve you defense!
(FLD% and dWar)

I rarely put a negative dWar in my lineup (DH most of the time) or the guy must be an incredible hitter!

Ex: Bruckett is hurting your playing CF. Awfull FLD%
I would put Francona CF and Bruckett RF. Or try to get a good def OF

Look at "Teams stats" and compare your team in each category VS League :)

Pitching is the name of the game!

Re: Just a question

Focusing on defense up the middle helps. Or leverage the strategy that many vets do: load your lineup to one side of the plate and boost your park to that side only.

Please please don’t donate and expect you will start winning. I promise you there is nothing that gives donors an advantage. 95% of revenue comes from ads I have absolutely no incentive to make a bogus game that gives advantages to donors.

Re: Just a question

9/17 jarc Random Chatter 0 0
Thanx dude, yeah maybe I have to put more attention on what you say.

Re: Re: Just a question

9/17 jarc Random Chatter 0 0
Thanx man!