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Setting Lineups

Setting Lineups

I’m wondering if other owners would benefit from further advanced lineup options in addition to the vs L/R options provided. I try to actively manipulate my lineups to account for rest, but some days I just don’t find the necessary time before the sims and my lineup will suffer fairly significantly (junk backup batting leadoff, first position trash player playing instead of a much more qualified secondary, etc.). Would it be a possibility to incorporate a “next x games” lineup option (similiar to how it’s shown on the “next 3 days” schedule view) where owners could plan their lineups based on number of games out instead of just based on pitching matchups? Or would this be far more trouble logistically than it would be worth? Thanks for considering!

Re: Setting Lineups

It's a great suggestion and one that has come up often before. I think a lot of people would make use of it. It's definitely one of the features I am hoping to work in as I chip my way through rolling out the new site design.