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Replacing Fielders due to Inj/PH

Replacing Fielders due to Inj/PH

The box below illustrates something that really could use some tweaking. Starting Infield of Utley at 2B - Valentin at SS and Schmidt at 3B

Bottom of the 8th- Suzuki PH's for Utley and Frisch PH's for Valentin

so now at the end of the inning - Schmidt gets moved from 3B to SS, Frisch plays 3B and Ozzie Smith is placed at second.

This is absolute LUNACY - Schmidt should stay at 3B, his natural position, put Smith at SS ( his Natural Position) and Frisch at 2B his Natural position, The SIM is too dumb to figure this out? REALLY?

I know the SIM looks for a guy to come off the bench in the order that the starters were removed- but that is stupid, why not resolve it so that you have the best at their positions, play them if possible?

The SIM resolves these situations poorly and only AFTER the opposing team gets to bat against a defensive team with THREE guys out of position will it get corrected. It did not make a difference THIS time, but it has burned me before with an error costing me the game.

Is this something that can be improved?

Re: Replacing Fielders due to Inj/PH

Bump any one?

Re: Replacing Fielders due to Inj/PH

SCM this is a nice detailed example of the issue. I can use that to do some analysis and see how difficult it would be to improve the logic. I have no time table for when it could be improved though.

Re: Re: Replacing Fielders due to Inj/P

Thanks Guy, the fact that you will look at possibly correcting it is all I can ask!