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Ty Cobb

Ty Cobb

1/19 duke Random Chatter 0 0
I think you need to do little research on Ty Cobb's character. Many of the stories told of him have been proven false. I have researched several times at the Hall of Fame, and many stories were just that...stories to sell books and by players that didn't like him. Research..then post...look up Al Stump

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This is a bit long -- spoken/written by a scholar -- but it's worth the read.

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1/21 duke Random Chatter 1 0
Good article. Thank you!!!

Re: Ty Cobb

One final thought, this looking back and judging people based on what is allowable now compared to their time frame is frankly silly.

Even if Cobb was a racist, I'm willing to bet that 50% of the people of his time were also racist, turn of the century America was flooded with immigrants from Europe and Asian Countries as well as Hispanics due to the acquisition of Puerto Rico after the Spanish American war.

My ancestors were from Italy and Scotland, Italians, Greeks, Portugese people were not considered " White People" either.

Racism was rampant, sure we can say it was wrong, and it was, but how will people judge us 100 -200 years from now?

Will we be looked at as barbarians for allowing abortions when the society of the future will have a solution to birth control and abortions are no long done?

This is not to say I am criticizing abortion, but it seems a worthy example of what may be ok now, but vilified in the future, we have to be careful how we judge.