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Not A Stomachscratcher- TV Series

Not A Stomachscratcher- TV Series

Plot: A first baseman for a California baseball team (matt olson as himself) threatens to hack into a website owned by an average web designer (Who to cast as guy?), a mysterious figure with a penchant for annoyance known as bellyitcher (Alex Rodriguez) implants a virus. When the ballplayer hacks the site, the virus will steal $34 Trillion from the US government, bankrupting america and possibly ending the world. Jason, a user on the site, discovers the plot. He tells an FBI agent friend (Robert S. Mueller III) about the plan, who rushes to stop it.

I want you, the "audience", to fill in the blanks of the show.

Robert Mueller as Jason1216's friend
Alex Rodriguez as Bellyitcher
Matt Olson as Himself
*Insert Canadian Actor* as Captain LOL, a canadian general
Yitzchok Friedman as the Fall Guy
Jerry Brown as Crackpot, a private investigator
*Insert high-profile celebrity* as Alycat, a new user who is accidentally brought to fame by Captain LOL
Alec Baldwin as Borg, a scammer falsely accused of the crime.

Write episodes.