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Autoleague Pitcher & Hitter minimums

Autoleague Pitcher & Hitter minimums

Where is it listed what the minimum ABs and IPs are for "Best of 2010s" etc leagues? I drafted a guy who had other seasons available that I could choose from but when I actually went to select a different year it said I couldn't. How many minimum AB is required for a hitter and minimum IP for a starter and a reliever?

Re: Autoleague Pitcher & Hitter minimum

When you try to change stats the year should be in red if it’s not allowed.

I always forget the exact limits but I think it’s 125 at bats, 85 IP for a starter and I think 35 IP for a RP

(Edit) - The red was NOT showing until you own the player. I have fixed this.

Re: Autoleague Pitcher & Hitter minimum

Its 35 for a RP in favorite teams auto leagues and 30 in non-favorite teams auto leagues. And Guy you forgot to mention the details about a SP with less than 85 IP. In a favorite teams league it would convert to a RP with 40 stamina, but otherwise remain intact as is (BUT this would occur by drafting him. In favorite teams leagues you CANNOT switch seasons...). In standard auto leagues this would not happen. A SP cannot be switched to a season with less than 85 IP unless he was specifically a RP in that real life season. The stamina totals can usually help determine which SPs meet this criteria, usually when stamina sits below 50 or so

Re: Re: Autoleague Pitcher & Hitter min

Adding the RED to a free agents available seasons is fantastic Guy!

I wish there was also a way for individual League settings to be applied by Commissioners of Leagues with specific settings

But I imagine that would be really difficult