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no drop trade options

no drop trade options

Would it be too much to change the trade a little bit? Maybe:

- add a middle tier of players that, if coupled, could equal one 'no drop' player?
-Or, maybe just use the ranking system as a way of ensuring fair trades (any trade with one teams total players rank being over 10 points higher than the others are automatically rejected?

I was once the proud owner of a mediocre left thinking team. Our stadium was built to favor lefty hitters and punish righties. Because of this (I believe), my number one pitcher, Luis Tiant, was underperforming. So was a righty bat in Albert Belle, my dh.

I found another underperforming team that favored righties and attempted to propose the following trade:

SP Tiant - R (97, 'no drop') SP Leonard - L (91)
OF Belle - R (82) OF Goslin - L (90)

Whether or not they would have accepted that being beside the point, I think I had found some solid ground from which we could negotiate a mutually beneficial, fair trade.

Re: no drop trade options

Yeah this does make total sense, your offer was basically equal in terms of rank. I can look into adding something like that where the No Drop is overridden if the ranks are close.