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Does anyone know the answer?

Does anyone know the answer?

First off this no condemnation of PC's or my League's commissioners capabilities because I honestly don't know the answer.

I am in a Custom League where there are strict rules regarding Player's Real stats.

Their BA can't be over .275 and the combined BA and OPS can't be over 999, that's easy but we also can't have a player with more than a 7 Speed rating.

How do I know if a player meets that requirement without having the ability to add him to the Pool and see his SP Rank?

We are only allowed to offer 2 players to the annual FA draft, this is the 1 thing I can't get at Baseball Reference.

Re: Does anyone know the answer?

If you have a sandbox, you might try browsing the other leaves that have mediocre players. Mulligans 2nd, Mario Mendoza league or Almost Famous. Or ask someone with sandbox to import player in question.

Re: Re: Does anyone know the answer?

If you have a sandbox or commish tools in any league, you can go to import player screen and it will show you their speed every season, right before actually importing them. But yeah, you’re right, no other way to know without seeing that player in a league already.