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Changing seasons of players

Changing seasons of players

Is there a way to see which leagues allow people to change the year of the players they draft. I have seen this in certain leagues and in some cases its an advantage which seems unfair to new players who are not familiar with this feature. Once you know about it you see many opportunities to improve a team especially with pitchers switching between SP and RP roles in different seasons. I think I would rather be in leagues where I know the talent pool is fixed as the drafts are challenging enough without checking to see how many RPs can be converted to more valuable SPs or vice versa.

Re: Changing seasons of players

Unless its a specific year like say "Best of 1968" Changing years are allowed in Auto Leagues.

In Custom Leagues it all depends what the League rules are, I am in a Custom League that allows you to change years in the off season, but locks once the Season begins.

Remember that the Year chosen by PC for a player always represents his best Batting Season but ignores his Defense, speed, Fire, and Endurance.

If someone is willing to spend the time to explore their options and see how a players attributes might be better served for his team needs by switching his Season and lowering his batting capabilities to raise other capabilities, that is to be applauded. He is using all the tools available to him.

if you are not willing to due as much work as they are it's your own fault your at a disadvantage once you are aware of it, so embrace it and take advantage of it, sacrificing .15 points of Batting Average for a +2.00 DWar and upgrade from a 4 to 8 speed is a fair trade in my opinion

Re: Re: Changing seasons of players

I don't believe there is limit in Auto Leagues as to when you can switch players seasons...I'm pretty sure you can do it at will

Re: Changing seasons of players

Correct - until after game 140 you can change anyone you want as many times as you want.

- The Sheik