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Auto League No Drop Trades

Auto League No Drop Trades

Can we tweak the Auto League 'Same number of No Drop players' in any trade rule SLIGHTLY ?

What about 1 no drop for 0 no drop, but 4 players or something?

Case in point, I'm the Rays in an Auto Lg Fave Tms league. We're in 1st after 70 games, we started strong, but I have an Astros club just a game back breathing down my neck..Id like to solidify my rotation a bit to really have a shot in the playoffs.. I have only one no drop player. I'm trying to send a trade to a club with a no drop SP, and holes all over their team. Its really THAT unfair for me to offer a 50's SP with low H9, 2 80's RP when they have like 1 that's above 50 and a 60's OF plus D going to a team with poor OF defense for a 90 SP ?? Im not exactly trying to rob anyone. Just give TB a 1-2 punch most other teams can effortlessly select at the start of the season.

There's no way to have the SIM evaluate these kinds of trades? I know that's kind of a grey area, as far as taking some freedom away from the owner. But just as an impartial arbitrator ? The fact I have to trade Blake Snell when he's all I've got, no matter how many other players I package feels like one more way choosing certain clubs puts you at an even greater disadvantage.

Re: Auto League No Drop Trades

I disagree with Jay but I don't play autos is often has him either. Autos are more like a Sandbox League where most owners only check their teams maybe once a week or so and are just fun to see how the stats play out but aren't really any indication of skill level just fun.

Any trade for no drop player should be one for one because there is no commissioner. That said, because they're missing in those leagues, you can't expect things to be perfectly fair when there's no Commissioner. So one for one is the way to do it.

Re: Re: Auto League No Drop Trades

Different skill sets in Auto Leagues, but there's a lot of skill involved to win consistently. Autos are not as random as ebee suggests.

As for Slater's suggestion, I felt my eyeballs got tied in a knot trying to follow it. Only one no drop player? Instead of changing trading logic, how about dialing back the number of players slapped with a no drop label? No link, so I'm not sure only one no drop player is what is intended to be said.

I can answer whether or not the code can evaluate trades: Not high on the list.

Re: Auto League No Drop Trades

I disagree that 'skill' is involved. Anyone with any baseball knowledge can find a few years for any team that can compete. That's very easy. Not to say it isn't fun, but it is super easy. I mean, anyone can copy someone's team too. How is this hard?

But its fun so keep it up fellas.

Re: Re: Auto League No Drop Trades

You're talking Auto Teams "Favorite Teams" leagues. Auto Leagues encompasses all kinds of leagues, not just Fav Teams. PC semantics, but there's a distinction.

But, even in Fav Teams leagues, there is certainly skill involved. If there isn't skill involved, then every GM would stand an equal chance of winning every season. That's not the case.

A 100 monkeys with a 100 computers aren't going to beat Slater and Sheik even 2x out of 100.

Re: Re: Auto League No Drop Trades

No Drop lists in Fav Teams leagues (and all Auto Leagues) are there to prevent bad trades. That makes sense.

Maybe the webmaster can look to BOTB Franchise Custom League where only 5 trades are allowed, with a max of 2 players going each way. That allows significant change in "Fav Team" rosters, but keeps the original Fav Teams concept intact.

Not that a change is needed. Keep that low, low on the list.

I have to start a new thread asking to call them Franchise Teams leagues. Every time I think of Fav Teams, I think of The Portland Wheely Dolls, my absolute favorite team. Except they're roller derby.

Testing the new edit feature. These last two sentences were not in the first post.

Re: Re: Auto League No Drop Trades

The webmaster with another crafty enhancement! Editing of board posts! Great work, WM.

Now, all of you can go back into all the threads and update them to say, "Sorry, Mr. Sol, you were correct all along."

Re: Auto League No Drop Trades

It took me overnight before I figured out what people were doing so it wasn't like it was rocket science. I've been on baseball reference forever it's easy to search through Players to figure out what teams to target. Yes there are other Auto but I'm only interested in favorite teams. With the ratings that makes it easy to compete for any GM that takes half a second to figure it out.