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Draft Timer

Draft Timer

I am not sure if this is by design or broken. Currently when you have a draft with the timer set; it does not pick 7pm-7am PST. Yet, in the event someone decides to draft during that time the clock starts working against the next person on the clock.

This makes no sense. Why would you penalize someone for being "asleep" while on the clock?

If someone drafts a player at 2am PST the auto pick still happens at 10am PST. Why on the opposite side of the clock would you penalize someone for not making a pick if you don't penalize them while still on the clock during the 7pm-7am dead time?

Team only gets 3hrs to make a pick by this logic on the following day. When the previous team you are waiting for to pick could sit on the clock potentially for much longer as long as their final hour hits before the 7pm cut off.

Hope that makes sense.

Re: Draft Timer

ALSO, if it auto picks for someone at 7:07 am pst, with a 12 he draft clock on, and the next one up doesn’t show up to draft, their 12 hrs isn’t up when 7:00 pm pst hits. So their auto pick becomes 24 hours later, just after 7am pst. These slow drafts are becoming several steps beyond “slow.”

Primary problem is still no show owners, but the no pick between 7pm and 7am seems to be making their lack of presence at a draft an even bigger issue.

Re: Draft Timer

I’m sure Guy will come in and give a proper response, but i did want to chime in that I was having a similar experience lately, worried I’d miss a pick with an overnight timer situation- so I set up my phone number in the “update account” section, and authorized receiving text messages from PC (a few options are there, check it out).

After that, PC would text me with a notice that a round had run (and I believe it also will text you when you get a message from the commish saying “your turn to pick”….)

“Your mileage may vary,” but I do not receive an overwhelming amount of messages, it’s very manageable. (I’m not in a ton of eagues though….)

So, while I agree there could be some tweaks with the timing of that 7a-7p window, I wanted to share an existing feature you many not be using that could at least partially help with this problem.

Best, Kingdude

Re: Re: Draft Timer

It is not perfect. But if you know you are within a few picks, why not pre rank? Just 2 or 3 players would prevent getting an unwanted player.

Re: Draft Timer

ok ya. great solution... that is what we would do pre timer days.
If we are going to have a timer feature for the draft why not make sure it works properly instead of a "band aid solutions"?
That is the point of the Suggestions/Feedback right?

Re: Re: Draft Timer

Yes! A pair of good points.

I will share my thinking on the clock issue - while the clock does stop at 7 PM PST, it's intended to be a grace period, but not intended to make the draft extra long by re-starting the clock entirely. This is more complicated than saying start the timer over at 7 AM - that would make a lot of drafts potentially really long. If someone picked at 7:05 PM, the next person should not have until 3 PM the next day, IMO. For EST, the pick doesn't trigger until 10 AM, that's three full hours after most normal working people are awake.

IMO the best solution is probably a customizable "AM grace period" such that if a pick were made at say 11:00 PM, the next person wouldn't be surprised by an auto pick at 7 AM in the morning, but instead would get at least a few hours to react, while maybe not needing a full 8 or 12 or 10 hours. If you're asleep before 11, you're likely up before 7, unless you normally sleep 9+ hours a day.

If the grace period were customizable, a commish certainly COULD decide to make it equal to the time of a normal pick.

Re: Draft Timer

@guy by this logic the verbiage is all wrong of what that tool is. If you start a timer for each pick you are allowing a pick to have “functional time” to make a selection.

If 7-7pm is not considered “functional time” toward making a pick why would it count against anything? It essentially puts us back where we started. Moving the draft manually would be more fair than using the timer if this is how it was intended.

Not trying to be mean but i am trying to understand the value for private /custom leagues for this tool.

Re: Re: Draft Timer

@Vip, yes I can explain the improvements....

The tool has VASTLY improved the situation of commissioners managing drafts, and I can say that as someone who has used the tool for my own leagues. For one thing, I no longer have to go check every so often to make sure someone has drafted, that is a massive improvement, for me at least - maybe some commissioners were always on the site and so for them it's just not a big deal.

I know several leagues where the commissioner manually pasted the next time to pick, and they no longer have to do that - again, HUGE WIN.

The issue you are brining up IMO is a minor one, I've run several drafts with the new feature and maybe once in a while it will cause an issue, but in that case I tell my managers I will replace the auto pick for them if they get auto picked - still about 90% better than me having to manage all the no-picks.

So again, if anyone is looking at this feature and saying it is not helpful, I guess that commissioner probably didn't have an issue with drafts previously and managed things ok or maybe there is some other issue this solution was not really designed to solve.

Re: Draft Timer

The draft timer is fantastic. It not only helps the Commish run a more organized draft, it also gives a more predictable structure to all participating GMs. When everyone knows exactly when the next pick is due, the draft is inherently fair. A fair draft is all anyone can expect.

The problems that arise are almost always due to a GM failing to rank players (in prep for that GM being unable to be in the Draft Room during his/her entire on-the-clock time) or when a GM doesn't check in on the draft for a length of time that is decidedly too long for the draft structure. Asking a GM to rank a couple players before the overnight hours in case his/her turn comes up overnight is not too much to ask.

The answer to any issue in Custom Leagues is always to give the Commish more options. Enabling a grace period for the early morning is an excellent idea. If a GM's on-the-clock time enters into the grace period, The Commish will still have the power to "User List" a GM or let the grace period continue.

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@guy I think the feature is helpful but how it functions is confusing. I think it would make more sense to remove the 7pm-7am dead time because it is not fair for someone to get put on the clock in the middle of the night thinking they have 8hrs to make a pick from 7am the next morning to find out it was autod on them at 7:30am because they were asleep during your protected time range.

That down time is actually punishing the next pick... not the owner that has had potentially 10+hrs to make a pick.

That is why the timer working against the next pick in the middle of the night just does not fall in line with what you would expect the tool to do.

I hope that makes better sense.

Re: Draft Timer

I do understand the issue but I still think we’re arguing about an edge case against a feature that is quite helpful. I also think if the system were making auto picks overnight you’d have a lot more problems to contend with as a commissioner. As it stands right now the edge case is that someone picks late at night and the next pick is unexpectedly picked around 7 AM (mind you it’s only that early for west coasters) and in that case yes I would recommend commissioners intervene. But I’ve found it to be pretty rare someone is manually making a very late or overnight pick.

I still think an optional AM grace period makes sense.

Re: Re: Draft Timer

@guy Can we add a feature that would allow us to be notified of being 1,2,3 picks away from our pick as an option on our profile?

Re: Draft Timer

That would be cool. Like a "you're on deck" or "you're in the hole". Then maybe it would prompt that user to actually use their pre rank.

Re: Draft Timer

That’s a wonderful idea. I like it. I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas lately my list is pretty long but I’ll add it.

Re: Re: Draft Timer

@guy Thank you for being open to the feedback from us knuckle heads.