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MLB Experiment Needs Veteran Owner

MLB Experiment Needs Veteran Owner

MLB Experiment (Season 3-2021) has an opening for the Minnesota Twins. Left by a seasoned vet, so they're in decent shape.

As I've stated here in past weeks, I simply can't get PC stuff done at the rate I have in years' past. So if you don't mind things running a little slow, but we get where we're going eventually, then check it out.

Solid group of established PC vets, great competition, detailed and realistic with all progression letters and NO stat monsters, excess of Speed or dWAR. Perfect if you're into that rather than 1.300 OPS', 150 sub 1.00 WHIP SP's, and tons of 9/10 speed guys with everyone and their mama having +2 dWAR or greater. Lol

Check it out and give me a shout.