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Best In The World

Best In The World

It's a hell of a thing to be the undisputed singular best at anything in a world of 7.6 billion people.

World Series champs aren't the best in the world. There are 40 Washington Nationals on the team. Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, NBA champs, World Cup soccer. All teams. Not a single best.

Best golfer in the world? Until next weekend. Best tennis player? On clay, or on grass, or on concrete?

Tyson Fury is the best boxer in the world, at his weight. Is he better than the champion cruiserweight?

Pennant Chase is a singular entity. Someone active on this site is the best PC'er in the world. PC (March) Madness will find out who.
PC (March) Madness will crown the singular, one-and-only PC Tournament Champion of the World.

Join via Custom Leagues. See if you can be the undisputed best in the world at something.


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Pretty cool idea!

Is the idea that this league would just run for one 'season'?

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That's right. One tournament, for the title of PC Tournament Champion of The World.

PC (March) Madness will happen at roughly the same time as the NCAA March Madness tournament. And, it is definitely possible that the PC (March) Madness tournament will have as many spectators in the stands as the NCAA tournament.

Sadly, COVID-19 is dangerous enough that it could alter many sporting events. PC (March) Madness should not be affected by any national state of emergency. Hopefully.

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check out the NIT league as well