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Food for thought

Food for thought

Let's say a SP for the 2017 Angels finishes the
season allowing 7.1 H/9 - Andrelton Simmons was their starting SS and a + 4.17 DWar, If I draft that same pitcher and am
also able to get Andrelton Simmons then I get the effects of his DWar Twice, Once, because my SP already has all the hits he saved built in, and twice because I get to apply it again.

DWar as constituted in PC is WRONG - the only way to correct it would be to eliminate the effect of DdWar on a pitchers H/9 rating, I hate bringing this up, but think I am correct

Re: Food for thought

That's true of a few things. Let's say a hitter played in Coors field so his numbers are jacked because of that, and then he plays in PC in a smaller park, now his numbers get doubled jacked. You could argue a custom league could disallow park impacts, but a custom league could also technically mandate a zero dwar if it wanted.

The same could have been said of the Range Factor element. But 99% of leagues on PC are mixing and matching players, so if you want players to come with some sort of defensive impact other than FLD%, you're going to have this issue, otherwise the defensive player's impact ONLY goes with the pitcher, yet the fielders don't follow the pitcher on every team in PC.

Your point is valid if you are replaying an exact season with everyone on their real-life teams. In that case you may want to zero out everyone's dwar. But like I said, very few leagues do that.

Re: Re: Food for thought

That makes sense Guy, I would think that a custom League of seasons of real teams should zero out DWar, at least if they want the hitters to perform closer to their actual stats

Re: Food for thought

Heres the thing SCM, in Customs, especially where youre starting with a recent season and moving forward, the scenario youve presented lasts all of 10 minutes. Lol

Owners begin jockeying for position, cruddy teams trade stars for youth and picks while contenders load up, players are signed, prospects created, and the landscape gets different. Not 100% different, but with all the roster moves, say that Angels 7.1 H9 pitcher goes to a team with a -1.1 DWAR SS, having him be the same pitcher whether its Andrelton or Mr. Negative isn't reality either. AS will help him, Mr. N will hurt him. Individual defense is a beautiful thing.