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scoring question

scoring question

Question in today’s SF -Tex game Tyler Rogers came into the game with the Giants up 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth- he gave up a run- so blown Save. In the 10 he came in up a run again and again gave up a run- does he get charged with 2 blown saves? He blew 2 saves

Re: scoring question

No because it wasnt a save situation for him anymore (it would have been for someone else but not him). But I did just read that if he left the game to play a position, and another pitcher came in, and Giants took lead, and then he came back in to pitch, it would be a save situation for him again.

Re: Re: scoring question

I forgot the second he was in line for the win so it wasn't save situation for him.

it is interesting that a pitcher say a Rick Ankiel type who played OF once in a while could have turned that dubious feat