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Coke Machine's MLB Career Stats

Coke Machine's MLB Career Stats

We are re-starting Coke Machine's MLB Career Stats League.

Don't you get a little tired of progressions and astronomical real and/or compiled stats, and having to try to predict how much a player will improve or decline with age. This league is for the baseball fan who wants less statistical variance - who wants to be able to draft Pete Rose, Willie Mays, Cy Young or other greats who don't typically do much in other leagues. It is for the fan who doesn't want to see that no-name guy in the league who hit .385 one year in 200 AB, but otherwise we wouldn't have heard of. This league differs from all others on this website in that the player statistics are customized to reflect their real MLB CAREER statistics.

Take a look!

Re: Re: Coke Machine's MLB Career Stats

Yes, we will be finished entering the dWar this week. We have done the 2B, 3B, C, part of SS.