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New team page layout.....

New team page layout.....

like it, but it took me a while to figure out that "Transactions" was now under the "Moves" tab !!! I'm old......... ;-)

- The Befudled Sheik

Re: New team page layout.....

Don't like new Team Page layout.

The Team Page re-design continues the design choices that pushes Dynamic Information (information that changes frequently) down the page, and puts Static Information (information that stays the same) at the top of the page.

On laptop or mobile, it is impossible to go to a Team Page and see a team's scores without having to scroll past Static Information.

Switching to non-spoiler pages (via "Update Account") will put five recent scores accessible via My League List, but, then, I don't have a choice whether or not to watch a game without already knowing the score.

Putting Static Information at the top of pages cuts against all modern web design principles; making Dynamic Information less accessible than Static Information propels PC's design straight into the 1990s.

Re: Re: New team page layout.....

They keep changing things -I personally LIKE most of the changes although do agree with Ragin that the I-Phone app needs a fix, not for the reasons he said, although he has a good point about not wanting a Spoiler to show first. But because I am not joining as many Leagues because I cannot be sure I am on a Desk top when the FA Melee happens, and without that, your chance of winning takes a hit.

I think the changes are designed to drive The Sheik crazy because, hey - " The Torture Never Stops" :)

Re: New team page layout.....

I've noticed that a few team stat tables are tiny on the iphone app and can't be expanded. Can't remember which ones, but Free Agents was one. I was looking up who to draft in a daily draft on my phone and called Free Agents up to compare players and the table came up in tiny tiny font that made my eyes bleed and my brain hurt.
Everything else is fine, just takes a while to get used to looking in different places for things.
Thanks Guy!

Re: New team page layout.....

@raging I am super confused. First off you have to scroll past the same amount of static information you had to before. I did notice the blocks are a little bigger so the scrolling feels a little longer and I did think it would be nice to swap the scores where the contracts are on mobile which should be easy. The game log reveals the same info ie scores. So how is that different from the sneak peek? If you go non spoiler you can watch the game without knowing the score so again I’m not sure what the use case you are asking for. And again none of this has changed. If I’m missing something please let me know, because I don’t always remember exactly how things worked in the old design.

Re: New team page layout.....

@scm you can use your mobile browser which works as well as the app. I can’t fix the app until I finish the redesign.

@gus please elaborate. The “stretch table” link works for me on free agent tables. The font size of the stats tables also has stayed at the same size. Oh wait you are saying it’s not right in the app. That could be true. I would use mobile browser instead if possible.

Re: Re: New team page layout.....

Thanks Guy, I KEEP forgetting to just use the Browser ( I am basically computer illiterate) but I will remember now!

Re: New team page layout.....

Right. I forgot that the Browser works better than the App for some things. Thanks!

Re: New team page layout.....

This is good to know. I have to get a note back onto the app. I often don’t realize that what I know isnt going to be common knowledge for most.

Re: Re: New team page layout.....

On the team page, on both mobile and desktop, the information is now presented in rows:

Row 1: Team Name and Record / About This Team (owner, clipboard, stats, details) / Stadium Info / Players Needing Rest.

Row 2: Manage My Team / Players Out / Advert

Row 3: Expiring Contracts and Signed Players (with Notes below) / Games Played

Row 4: Advert

The most dynamic of these sections -- Games Played -- is now in the third row. The least dynamic -- Team Name, owner, Stadium Info -- is in the first row.

The former design was presented in Columns.

Column 1: Team Name and Record / About This Team / Stadium Info / Expiring Contracts and Signed Players / Notes

Column 2: Players Out (tired and injured) / Games Played

Column 3: Manage My Team / Advert

The key dynamic information was in Column 2, and the most recent Games Played were visible without scrolling on both mobile and desktops, even in yankeebb's league where he had 40 additional links added to the menu.

I've looked at the new design in all browsers, and the new design is presented the same in all: Dynamic info of Games Played in the last row.

With previous design, on My Leagues List, I had opted for Spoiler Free Pages, so the Recent Results offered "Watch Box". With that, I could choose to Watch those games that were of most interest. Alternatively, I could click thru to the Team Page and quickly see the Day's Scores (without scrolling).

In the new design, if I opt for Spoiler Free Pages, the only way to get scores (for more than one game at a time via the Box Score) is to go to the Team Page and scroll past Static Info to the Games Played. If I opt to not have Spoiler Free Pages, I can get recent scores, but there's no longer a way to watch a game without seeing the score first.

Getting into a Team Page quickly and checking out scores is now impossible because of the scrolling, and the time spent on PC rises dramatically over the course of a day and week and year due to the added scrolling.

Always wrestling with how much time to put into PC (entertainment), the time spent gets increasingly difficult to justify as scrolling becomes necessary at all turns.

Re: New team page layout.....


The old site was rows too, you're just seeing them as columns, maybe because of the spacing or whatever. The current site could be listed as columns as well.

I just dug up the old layout. It was:

1. Team logo and info
2. Ball park info
3. Health report
4. Endurance (or upcoming games if no endurance)
5. manager links
6. contracts and tags
7. Game Results
8. Trophy case

I'm not sure what I'm missing. Maybe it's that the page was more condensed. I don't see how no scrolling would have been an option on mobile previously unless maybe are you viewing the full screen on mobile?

I guess what I am hearing is a desire to more quickly see your recent games because you use the Spoiler Free Preview. And your way of doing that used to be going to your team page.

Re: Re: New team page layout.....

True, I used full-site view on a tablet, which I classified as mobile. That is not mobile, so that's a poor classification on my part. I don't have any experience on mobile, as I don't access PC on a phone.

For me, anywhere static information is more prominent than dynamic information, either in order or focus, the time spent tracking and managing teams exponentially increases.

My League List has static information (Credits available, Daily Draft leagues not yet full) above the dynamic information.

Team Pages, in the re-design, have static above dynamic.

MLL and Team Pages, I would think, are the most frequently accessed for all PC users, so static over dynamic means there is extra time and effort added to each visit to PC, solely due to design.

That the previous Team Page design used rows is surprising, it definitely spaced as columns; Games Played would have been in the 2nd Row, beside Contracts.

Re: New team page layout.....

Ok that helps. So one mAjor suggestion for tablet is to go to your settings and set Full Screen on Mobile to True. That would give you the previous tablet experience in which the full desktop site was rendering on your tablet. One of the challenges on the new layout is that instead if there only being two sizes, there are many sizes supported, but the tablet size is not necessarily the most ideal experience.

LMK if that helps at all. At any rate, this has exposed some interesting asks that I can think about regardless. Your desire to see scores has made me think of a spoiler toggle on the preview.

Re: Re: New team page layout.....

When players are eligible for slump bust, in the message at the top, the words slump buster are white and blended in and hard to see. So it looks like ‘players eligible for’ blank. iPhone.

Re: Re: New team page layout.....

On the Sim game window, can it be changed from "See Box Score" to "See Your Box Score"??
I don't care who else did what as much as I care about my own game.

Re: New team page layout.....

I know this is unimportant but the ballpark. Can we look down on the park/field and show the settings the park is set at. Big boost. Small park, Big disadvantage giant park and such. Other than that having an actual ballpark on there is a waste of space.

Re: Re: New team page layout.....

In reply to @raging's main concern, two changes:

1) I have added the View Full Screen link on a wider set of screen sizes - in case someone is on a small tablet, they will also see the option of viewing the full screen. This might be helpful in informing some people of this option

2) I have added a link to the spoiler results for those who have it set to non-spoiler but might want to toggle between the two.

I can see that it is quite possible the first few game results have slipped below the fold on the My Team page on a laptop/tablet view. The old design generally was cramming more into less space. There are pros and cons to each. I'll give more thought to it at another time.

Re: New team page layout.....

With all this being said - now that I'm getting used to it, I'm liking the new site look . Great job Guy !!

- The Sheik

Re: Re: New team page layout.....

Another suggestion. When you have a list of 15-20 teams and I'm sure other have more, and you click on the Recent Results link, the leagues list goes back to the top of the page. Since the change and what appears to be a larger font, you now get 5 or 6 teams at a time. That used to be 13-14. It's annoying always having to go back to where you were in the list. Just saying.

Re: New team page layout.....

Great solution to make game results accessible via My League List, with the toggle in the "Recent Results" javascript window.

Since it is no longer necessary to go to the Team Page (when No Spoilers is activated) to check the day's scores, scrolling on the Team Page is now vastly, vastly reduced, AND I even save several clicks each day by not having to travel back and forth between Team Pages and MLL just to check scores... and, therefore, the balance of time on PC again shifts to entertainment instead of busywork.

Thanks for the elegant and very useful solution to what was, for me, a major crisis.

Re: Re: New team page layout.....

After using the page myself the past few days I've come to agree with you all - everything was just too spaced on desktop and I missed the less scrolling of the previous version. New look is up with a thin ad in the middle instead of the big box that was pushing stuff down. I know it will depend on your monitor resolution, but it's a big improvement for me so far...

Re: New team page layout.....

Looks MUCH better, thanks.

Re: New team page layout.....

It looks MUCH BETTER now!

Re: New team page layout.....

Dynamic and very functional. Well done.

Team Page even spaces perfectly on a small tablet when, in Update Account, "Full Site on Mobile" is set to "No". (Please note fellow PCers, that this does NOT mean any controls or stat tables are missing on mobile devices. It's all still there and has full functionality).

For me, PC on a tablet thru the website (as opposed to the app) is the best way to go mobile. An Amazon Fire, for one, is very inexpensive.

The Bacc crushed the Team Page design. Crushed, as in destroyed, as in did an excellent job. Phat props. It's bad to the bone, bad as in good.

Re: Re: New team page layout.....

Yeah, the revised layout does the trick for sure!
Very easy to use with a minimum of scrolling.
The only "improvement" that I can think of is to change the stadium icon to match the type of stadium, but that's fluff not necessary to the game.
I DO think the visual guide would help new players decide if they wanted to make their stadium small, large, left dominant, right dominant, or whatever. It'd be a lot of little stadium icons to create, so not certain it'd be worth the effort.

One change that I'd like to see though, would be when you SIM a game, the option at the end of all games simming would be to go to your game, not the last one simmed.